Vehicle characteristics and equipment

Vehicle category

With your reservation you are entitled to a vehicle from the category you selected when booking. Excluded are reservations with model guarantee, where a specific vehicle is guaranteed. For reservations without model guarantee, only the category is explicitly guaranteed, not a specific model or make. The vehicle in question meets certain requirements in terms of size and equipment in order to be assigned to the respective category.

Vehicle features

In principle, the rental cars from Hertz Switzerland are very well equipped in terms of comfort and safety. Among other things, air conditioning, airbags and electronic stability control are standard; depending on the vehicle category, numerous other features are added. If a certain equipment option – for example a GPS navigation system – is explicitly listed with the booked category, the vehicle is also equipped accordingly. Without such an explicit mention, the presence is not guaranteed.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications of your rental vehicle depend on the respective fleet composition. Please note that no specific technical specifications of a rental vehicle can be guaranteed unless otherwise stated. This applies in particular to the type of drive, the engine power or even the number of seats. In the case of electric vehicles, the battery capacity or the performance of the on-board charger, among other things, cannot be guaranteed.

Standard equipment

All rental cars from Hertz Switzerland come standard with seasonal tires, the Swiss freeway vignette, a breakdown triangle and a high-visibility vest. Additional accessories such as child seats or snow snocks can be rented or purchased separately at your Hertz station.

Vehicle condition

It is important that you check the condition of the vehicle when you rent it. Our employees record any minor damage on an ongoing basis and communicate this when you pick up the vehicle. Major damage is always repaired before the vehicle is rented again. If you nevertheless discover damage that has not yet been recorded or repaired, we will note this on our Vehicle Condition Form when you rent the vehicle. You are liable for any additional damage that the vehicle shows upon return