Informations on charging electric vehicles

Registration for EVPass

With your reservation for an all-electric rental car, you benefit from special conditions at EVPass, the largest public charging network in Switzerland. If you do not yet have an account, we recommend that you register free of charge in advance of your rental. With the promo code Hertz2023 you will benefit from the following advantages: 

  • The Explorer subscription is offered for free 
  • You benefit from favorable charging rates across the EVpass network
  • Over 2500 charging stations in Switzerland and thousands abroad 
  • Simple billing via credit card

Charging instructions

In principle, charging an electric vehicle works very simply. If you would like detailed instructions, we recommend visiting the website of our colleagues in the UK, which has been specially designed for this topic.

Charging cable

Hertz normally provides a charging cable that has been supplied with the vehicle by the car manufacturer. In most cases, a cable is also available at the charging stations (this is especially true for fast charging stations). You will need the vehicle's cable mainly at shopping malls, hotels or parking lots. If you want to drive abroad, please inform your Hertz station at pickup to purchase an adapter. Switzerland has partly different plugs than the rest of Europe.


Charging speed

Along highways and in urban areas, you will find Super Chargers and fast charging stations with charging capacities of 170 kW and more. In rural and less traveled areas, charging stations are available in smaller numbers. Most often you will find (slower) stations at public parking lots, shopping centers and hotels. These charging stations often offer limited charging power of 3.4 kW or less, which means it can take an hour to charge energy for 20 kilometers.

Charging stations

The charging network in Switzerland and abroad is growing daily and becoming denser all the time. Fast charging stations are located along all major highways and in larger cities. Other public charging stations can be found in shopping centers, hotels, train stations, parking garages and many other places. Please use charging network finder apps like EVPass, Charge Map, Plugshare, and Next Charge