You can rent or buy various accessories to your rental car:

Child seats

The Swiss Road Traffic Act stipulates that children under 12 years of age up to a height of 150 centimeters must be accommodated in a child seat. At Hertz, you can rent child seats for all sizes and age groups. Ask at your station.

Snow Socks

During the winter season (November 1 to April 30), all Hertz Switzerland rental vehicles are equipped with winter tires. For vehicles without all-wheel drive, snow chains or socks may be additionally required in some regions (especially mountains). At your Hertz station, snow socks are available for purchase, which you may keep after the rental. The snow socks are extremely convenient to install and are legally equivalent to snow chains.

Charging cable adaptors

If you rent an electric rental vehicle and want to drive it abroad, it is possible that the charging cable provided cannot be used at some charging stations. Switzerland has different plugs than the rest of Europe. You can purchase suitable adaptors for the supplied cable at the station.