Prohibited rides

The vehicle is the property of Herold Fahrzeugvermietung AG and you may not sublet, transfer or sell it. Furthermore, the vehicle may not be used: 

  • off paved roads or on roads unsuitable for the vehicle (including race tracks). 
  • in case of overloading with passengers and/or luggage. 
  • to tow or start vehicles, trailers or other objects (without our express permission).
  • to carry anything that could damage the vehicle (including explosive or flammable substances) and/or delay the re-renting of the vehicle by us (due to its condition or odor)
  • to transport persons against payment. 
  • to carry cargo against payment (except in the case of Hertz Vans respectively commercial rental vehicles). 
  • to participate in a race, rally or other competition.
  • in prohibited areas, including airport apron roads and similar areas.
  • when used contrary to traffic or other regulations, or for any illegal purpose.