Country specific information

When driving abroad, please inform yourself in advance about special rules and laws in the respective countries (including speed limits, highway tolls, etc.).  

If you would like to enter one of the following countries with your rental car, please note the additional information:

Germany; Low Emission Zones

The German Ministry of the Environment has set up environmental zones for various cities in Germany. All vehicles entering the environmental zones must have an environmental badge. This must indicate the emission class. Vehicles from Hertz in Switzerland do not automatically carry an environmental badge, but these can be purchased from various providers (TCS, ADAC, etc.).   

Drivers of vehicles that drive in environmental zones without an environmental sticker face a fine of € 80.00 (incl. taxes). This fine also applies to such vehicles that have been registered outside Germany.


France; Crit'Air Pollution Badge

France is introducing mandatory environmental badges in more and more cities. These can be obtained at www.certificat-air.gouv.fr. There you will also find information on the cities in which the environmental badge is required. Without a valid sticker, entry into marked zones is strictly prohibited. Depending on the current air quality, the entry rules are also only temporarily tightened. A complete driving ban is also possible in the event of acute air pollution.


Great Britain (London); Congestion Charge

Transport for London (TfL) charges a £15.00 per day congestion charge for driving in central London. It applies at the following times: 

Monday to Friday between 07.00 – 18.00; 

on weekends and public holidays between 12.00 – 18.00; 

No fee is charged between Christmas Day and New Year's Day (including this one). 

Detailed information, including fees and maps, can be found on the TfL Congestion Charging website at www.cclondon.com. 

Rental vehicles are not exempt from the congestion charge, and it is your responsibility to register the vehicle you are driving in a central database and pay the charge for each day you drive within the charging zone. Cameras read the vehicle's license plate as you enter or drive through the charging zone and match it to the database. Once the license plate is matched and you have paid the fee, the data is deleted from the computer at the end of each day.  

The city toll can be paid in advance, by midnight on the day of the trip, or by midnight on the third day after the trip. If the charge is paid by midnight of the third charging day after the journey, the charge increases to £17.50 and can only be paid via the call center and the TfL website. If the fee is not paid by midnight of the third billing day after the trip, a penalty fee will apply (see TfL website). This penalty fee will be reduced if you pay within 14 calendar days of the date of the reminder, but will increase if you do not pay within 28 calendar days. 

***Hertz accepts no liability for these charges***. 

Charges can be paid by credit or debit card on the TfL website or by calling 0343 222 2222 in the UK. You can also pay by text message (SMS) or by post.


Austria; Highway Toll

As in Switzerland, there is also a vignette obligation on freeways in Austria. Compliance is controlled by private companies and a violation is rigorously fined (up to € 5000!). Vignettes are available at gas stations in Austria and in the bordering regions of Switzerland and Germany.


Austria; Rides as a EU-Citizen

Residents of the European Union who intend to travel to Austria for eight or more days with a rental car from Hertz Switzerland, please contact the reservation center or go to the nearest Hertz station.