Return outside opening hours

If you wish to return your vehicle outside of regular station opening hours, you must obtain our permission to do so in advance. Please be sure to follow the procedure below and be aware of the liability policy that applies to out-of-hours returns.


Park the vehicle in a Hertz parking lot or a safe place near the station. Lock the vehicle and activate the alarm system, if present. You can then put the key in the key safe or, if the station does not have a safe, in the mailbox (letter drop). If the vehicle is not parked in a Hertz parking lot, please also include a note describing the location. Depending on the available space, you can also throw the vehicle documents into the key safe/letterbox or otherwise leave them in the glove box.

Important: Do not hand over the key to anyone if you park the vehicle outside opening hours. Not even to supposed Hertz employees.

Liability period for damages

Please note that your rental agreement does not end at the moment the key is thrown in outside opening hours, but only when a Hertz employee takes possession of the vehicle, key and documents after the station has opened. This means that you are liable for any damage to the rental vehicle until this time.

Extension of the rental agreement

If we do not find the vehicle at the opening of the station or have to search for it, the rental agreement remains in force until we have found it. During this time fees will continue to be charged. It is therefore important that you follow the procedure.