Fuel/charge level at return

Depending on the refueling option selected at the time of rental, we ask that you return your gasoline, diesel or hybrid-powered vehicle with a full tank. Special regulations apply to electric vehicles.

Gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles

We recommend that you return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. If you do not fill up the vehicle before returning it, we will charge a refueling service fee which consists of the cost of additional fuel specified in the rental agreement and compensation for our additional expenses. This excludes rentals with the Fuel Purchase Option (FPO), which allows you to purchase a tank of fuel in advance at a reasonable price and return the vehicle with as empty a tank as possible.

Electric vehicles

Your all-electric rental car will be ready for you to collect with a battery that is at least 75 percent charged.

Please ensure that your electric rental car is at least 75 percent charged when you return it. If the battery charge level is below this amount at the time of return, there will be charged CHF 1.30 per kWh which is needed to reach a level of 75 percent. Please understand that we cannot provide credit in return for charge levels above 75 percent.