Rental charges

Payment methods

In this chapter you will find all important information about the payment of rental rates.

Credit card payment

Normally, the total cost of your vehicle rental will be charged directly to your specified credit card and the amount blocked with at the time of pickup. If you pay by credit card you authorize Herold rent-a-car Ltd, Hertz International Franchisee, – at the time of signing the Rental Agreement – to reserve with the credit card issuer a sufficiently large sum and to obtain the relevant authorizations in order to cover at least the total expected rental costs. You also authorize Herold rent-a-car Ltd to collect, without further instructions from you, directly from your credit card any additional charges which have arisen from your use of the car and which may include the costs of insurance franchise, damage to the car, loss of car keys or accessories, charges not stated on the Rental Record such as one-way charges, refueling charges, late-return charges, additional driver charge, extra cleaning charge and any road tolls or fines or charges arising from traffic or parking violations during the rental period (including an administration fee).

For all bookings, the person in whose name the vehicle is booked is the person whose credit card is used. The person paying in advance MUST be the person to whom the vehicle is rented. 

Accepted credit cards: Airplus, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Hertz Charge Card, Mastercard/Eurocard and Visa. 

EC/Meastro cards and debit cards (Revolut etc.) are not accepted.

Payment by voucher

Full Credit Voucher (FCV) and One Trip Travel Order (OTTO) are accepted instead of a credit card. This applies to all vehicle groups, except those for which an additional credit card authorization is required. 

Restricted Credit Vouchers (RCV) and Inclusive Tour Vouchers (ITV) are only valid in conjunction with an accepted credit card. 

You will need one voucher per 62-day rental period. Only Affordable Prepaid Vouchers cover the entire rental period.

Payment on account

Corporate customers can also pay for rental cars by invoice by arrangement, this applies exclusively to commercial rentals. Please contact

Cash payment

Hertz Switzerland does not accept cash payment.

Payment currency

We may give you the option to pay your rental charges in your home currencyOur bank will apply a competitive currency conversion fee for making the transaction.