Rental charges

Additional fees

In addition to the basic rental rate, various fees may apply as part of your rental, which we explain in detail below:

Additional Driver Charge

This is due when we authorize an additional driver to drive your rental vehicle and amounts to CHF 13.90 excl. VAT per person per day. The maximum fee is CHF 139.00 excl. VAT (10 days, from the 11th day free of charge).

Young Driver Surcharge

This fee is due if the main driver or an additional driver is younger than 25 years old and amounts to CHF 17.60 excl. VAT per person. The maximum fee is CHF 176.00 excl. VAT (10 days, from the 11th day free of charge).

Cross Border Fee

If you want to drive with your rental car outside Switzerland, the Cross Border Fee for rides abroad applies. It amounts to CHF 30.00 excl. VAT per rental.

Location Service Charge

The cost of operating a car rental station at airports and major train stations is higher, so a surcharge is added to the rental price for pickups and/or drop-offs at these stations.

Fee for pickup outside opening hours

If you wish to pick up your rental car outside normal opening hours a flat fee of CHF 50.00 excl. VAT will be charged from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday the fee is CHF 75.00 excl. VAT. 

Winter Equipment Charge

It accrues in each case in the period from November 15 to March 31 and enables winter-compliant equipment with winter tires and ice scraper.

Refueling Service Charge

This is incurred if, in the case of a gasoline/diesel or hybrid-powered vehicle, the tank is not full when it is returned, we have to fill it and you did not choose the Fuel Purchase Option.

Fines & Administration Charge

This fee is charged if we have administrative expenses for the determination and disclosure of the driver data due to a fine for parking and other traffic violations or a payment request for additional traffic fees, etc. and amounts to CHF 63.78 incl. VAT per incident.

Damage Administration Charge

This fee applies to the processing of claims for damages arising from damage caused to or with the vehicle and amounts to CHF 90.00 incl. VAT.

Damage/Loss Charges

These charges are due if the vehicle is lost or damaged and you have not selected SuperCover™ to exclude your liability for loss or damage.

Additional Mileage/Kms Fee

May be due if you have exceeded the maximum mileage applicable to your rental rate.

Extra Cleaning Charge

Applies if our standard cleaning upon return of the vehicle is not sufficient to put the vehicle in a condition in which it can be rented again. Please note that we also perform such special cleaning if the strict ban on smoking in the vehicle is disregarded.

Late Return Charge

May be payable in addition to a higher rental charge if the vehicle is returned after the grace period that may apply under the terms of the rental.

Early Return Charge

Due for reservations with the option «Pay later» if the vehicle is returned two or more hours earlier than scheduled in the rental contract and amounts to CHF 10.00 incl. VAT.

One-Way Fee

Applies if you return the vehicle to a location other than the one specified in the rental record.

Delivery & Collection Charges

These will be due if you request us to deliver or pick up your rental vehicle at a location other than our rental location.

Vehicle Licence Fee

Represents your share of the fees we must pay to register the vehicle.