Changing the reservation before pickup

Hertz allows you to change your existing reservation up to three times, including selecting a new pick-up time or a different pick-up date. There is no processing fee for changes made online. For changes made by calling the Internet Help Desk, Hertz reserves the right to charge a processing fee

Any reservation change made online or through the Call Center will be calculated based on the availability and prices in effect at the time of the change. The fees in this case may be higher or lower than the initially agreed price.

You will be asked to provide a valid credit card number at the end of the change process of a reservation with prepayment. In this case, the credit card specified in the original reservation MUST be used. Any excess amount for the changed reservation will be charged to this card, and any shortfall will be credited to it. If you wish to use a different credit card, the initial reservation must be cancelled and a new reservation made.

Please note that the name of the main driver as well as the rental station agreed within the reservation cannot be changed. If you wish to make changes regarding the name of the main driver or the rental station, the reservation must also be cancelled and a new reservation made.