Hints & Tricks

Saving money and earning points

With Hertz, you always benefit from first-class service, vehicles in mint condition and attractive conditions. Thanks to our loyalty and partner programs, you can get even more out of your rental.

International loyalty program Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Sign up for free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and earn points for free rental days and upgrades with every rental. You will also save up to 10 percent on Hertz prime rates when you book direct. As a Gold Member, you can exclusively use the fast pick-up service at the special Gold counter and in many cases go directly to your rental car without waiting. Returning your car is also as quick as can be – simply park the car and continue your journey!

Swiss loyalty program Hertz Yellow

For our customers residing in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein, there is the country's own loyalty program Hertz Yellow. With a valid Hertz Yellow Card, you receive a minimum 15 percent discount on all rentals in Switzerland and also drive up to 15 percent cheaper abroad. You can order your personal Hertz Yellow Card here for just 29 francs per year and benefit immediately.

Partner and company CDP

A CDP is a discount code that allows rentals at special rates. To use a CDP, enter the code in the appropriate field when making your reservation. It is also possible to deposit it in your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards profile. Please note that depending on the type of CDP and the country of rental, you will need to provide proof that you are eligible to use the CDP when you pick up your rental car.

Earning miles

Hertz works with numerous frequent flyer programs and offers you the opportunity to earn miles with every rental. When making your reservation, enter the relevant airline and your frequent flyer number in the appropriate field. If you would like to request mileage credit retroactively please use the form at this link. Important: Some airlines charge a fee for mileage accrual in certain countries (specifically USA, Puerto Rico and Canada). This fee is collected by Hertz and passed on to the respective airline.