Hints & Tricks

Route suggestions

Switzerland is perfect for traveling with a rental car. On a well-developed road network you can reach numerous sights quickly and relaxed. Even during the drive there are always opportunities for a short stop that is worthwhile. And depending on the region you are traveling in, the road itself is worth the trip. This is especially true for the impressive Alpine passes and the picturesque routes along lakes and mountains. 

If you're looking for inspiration for your trip, we recommend these two sources:

Hertz Drive Your Line

Hertz Drive Your Line focuses on Swiss personalities and their favorite places. From the innovative TV chef to the director of a world-famous music festival to the CEO of a no less famous helicopter airline – they and many more give an exclusive insight into their lives and origins. In the process, they also reveal one or two insider tips from their home countries. Drive Your Line is garnished with numerous impressions that our customers have collected and that can serve as additional inspiration for your own individual trip.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

Here the name says it all: The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a signposted car tour through the whole of Switzerland full of unforgettable highlights. It covers a total of 1643 kilometers and eight stages, but of course you can also just drive part of it and save the rest of the 46 attractions, 22 lakes, 5 Alpine passes and 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites for your next trip to Switzerland.