In the event of a breakdown, our 24-hour breakdown service is available to provide advice and assistance on +41 (0)84 480 42 00. Depending on the possibility, the vehicle will be made roadworthy again at the breakdown location or transported to the next workshop. For the time of the breakdown you will receive a replacement car. This service is included in your rental contract, but you are responsible for the cost of the breakdown service if the breakdown is your fault and you do not have taken out a Premium Emergency Roadside Service (see Optional insurances).

Please note that you may not commission any repairs without our express consent. 

What to do in case of a breakdown

If you have a breakdown with your rental car, proceed as follows: 

  • Activate the hazard warning lights.
  • Put on the high-visibility vest that is in the vehicle.
  • Exit the vehicle while paying attention to traffic.
  • Set up the breakdown triangle at least 50 meters from the scene of the accident, and at least 100 meters on freeways and highways.
  • Contact the Breakdown service on +41 (0)84 480 42 00.
  • All occupants should wait for help at a safe distance from the broken-down vehicle or the road, and under no circumstances should they remain in or near the vehicle while it is near the road.