Driver's license

You must present a valid driver's license in latin script when picking up your rental car. Renters from non-EU countries are advised to additionally carry an international driver's license. The international driver's license translates the national driver's license into different languages and is only valid in conjunction with a national driver's license.

Driver's licenses issued in the People's Republic of China may be accepted if you provide an official Hertz certificate. Hertz China will issue this form with the Hertz China corporate seal on Hertz letterhead. A scanned copy of your driver's license will appear on the certificate. This certificate is valid until the expiration date of the driver's license. Both the original driver's license and the certificate must be presented at the time of rental.

If your driver's license was issued in Japan, a translation certificate will be accepted along with the original driver's license.

If your driver's license was issued in Vietnam, the driver's license must be presented together with a certified translation issued by the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport. If these two documents are presented together at the time of rental, the driver's license will be accepted worldwide.