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As stated in our General Terms & Conditions, all drivers are responsible for payment of all fines, road tolls, congestion charges and other similar charges incurred in relation to the vehicle during the rental. In case of a traffic violation, we are required to provide all details to the relevant authorities who will contact the driver directly, resp. send the fine directly for payment. 

We will recover the costs (u.o. staff, IT, Licences Fees, legal costs, porto u.o.) we incur through a fixed administration charge in the amount of 63.80 CHF for each fine. This is the reason why we have charged the credit card.

Please note that, the Hertz admin fee is independent of the actual fine and it is the driver responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to secure the payment of the fine directly to the authorities. 

Last but not least, the official communication of the actual fine is going to be made directly by the authorities and as we do not have any influence in this process we cannot confirm when this document will be delivered.


For detailed information regarding a damage case, we kindly ask you to contact our claims department which, is your correct point of contact for all damage related queries at


The amount to be used and blocked in your credit card as guarantee is calculated as follow: 

For non-prepaid reservations: Estimated rental charges + one full fuel deposit (between 300.00 CHF – 500.00 CHF depending on the vehicle reserved). For prepaid reservations: one full fuel deposit.


Please note that the amount used as deposit is automatically released from the credit card when the rental agreement is closed. From then on, the credit card issuer is responsible for de-blocking the security amount on the card. The process can take up to 10 working days. 

Important information: If your bank is outside the European Union or a debit card was used, this action can take longer than usual to be reflected and unfortunately we do not have any influence in this process.



Do you need a copy of your invoice? No problem! We will be happy to provide you with an additional copy of your invoice.


You can request a reservation confirmation using the following link (via View/Change/Cancel):